TIKKA - Catalogue 2021

TIKKA ANTHEM Nature always has the upper hand. You aren’t as fast as animals and you can’t see as far and clear as they do. The animal smells and hears you before you even know they’re there. You have to learn their ways. You have to outthink the animal you’re hunting by knowing where they come from and anticipate where they are going. You can do everything right and still fail. Even the best hunter can end up empty-handed. But you’re the hunter. There’s something you can do. You can never give up. Those who succeed, never turn back. You can keep going. You can create the right place and the right time. Because you know what every Tikka shooter knows: That you can trust your rifle. You can be confident it will handle the same forces that you can. Whatever the situation or circumstance, all you have to do is concentrate on your shot. Your Tikka rifle is the ultimate tool for accuracy. Tikka is second to none. EXPERIENCE THE JOURNEY AT TIKKA.FI